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WHAT: a short film (0.40min - 1 min or so), done in CGI, with 3D scanned movement and models.

Starting from an idea I found making my last project: "We sought an intersection between a scientific replica and a stylized, science fiction creature, reaching a point where reality meets fiction". Speculative, science fiction story showcasing an encounter with the new configurations that will appear in urban spaces in an immediate future. In a future where delivery and business has the priority in public spaces, model reclaims her right to make use of her home city (WIP)

- For the proposal, we will show blocking (in UE5), concept art, styling, team, casting, storyboard if needed

It will be registered in the copyright office in Madrid, defining each person´s role in the creation of the video.

Income possibilities:
- Models, clothes, scans, etc. Could be posted in online platforms that sell 3D elements to be used by 3rd parties. Each item would generate a passive income to everyone involved in its creation.
- maybe short film festivals, or could be used as a pilot film for future commercial projects
- Grants given by Epic to projects made with Unreal Engine, the software I will most likely use for this video. We could expand the project and get the grants. Project would need to be as safe and not aggresive as can be for this, since the company won´t sponsor suff that´s too edgy or problematic


Director, CG Artist - David Guerrero

Casting, Styling - Lucía Lomas

Soundtrack - Louis Carnell

Storyboard - Ángel Palomeque

Concept art - María Fominaya

Consulting, clothing pattern - Aaron Moreno

Animation. Several options:

· We could opt for motion capture, which will be done by Raised by Monsters in Madrid, most expensive option
· We could opt for keyframe animation
      · We would need to record an actress for the performance reference
      · We would need a keyframe animatior
            · Elaina Scott
            · Hyojin Kim


· The short will have a mildly dystopian character.

· For the cinematography, it will follow a filmic, grounded camera treatment with static or slow camera movements. The editing will be linear, maintaining the progression of the character through the scene.

· The soundtrack will be composed by Louis Carnell (previously working under the name Visionist), London-Based musician whose style connects deeply with the ambience of this short. His records have an ethereal, emotionally heavy quality, using both electronic and classic tools.

· The starting point for the short was the Balenciaga Fall 21 campaign, which used Unreal Engine. I also was interested in the filmic treatment of the CG episodes of Love Death + Robots, proving that independent animation is more than ready to create adult, complex experiences. The third pillar would be the production design of "Children of Men" (Alfonso Cuarón, 2006); wich hosted a 2027 version of London. Rather than showing otherwordly looking structures and technology, the film shows a partially updated London, with futuristic elements coexisting with historical and current ones. It makes that science fiction London it more connected to the world we already know, offering a plausible, organic evolution of the city we are familiar with.

· The main reference for the spatial progression of the short will be this video below, found on Instagram. The location and the architecture of the space matches perfecly with the idea I had.

· We will use Standard lenses for the cirtual cameras (35mm - 80mm), with occasional telephoto, if necessary.


· Unreal Engine 5 was chosen for the high rendering quality in real time, allowing a fast workflow and offering great space for experimentation inside the virtual environment. Furthermore, the use of Metahumans will be useful for a small team, since it offers a custom character already rigged and ready for animation or retargetting, with a high fidelity facial rig that can showcase complex expressions.

· The main character will be built using Metahumans, with a photogrammetry of the model to serving as base.

· Props and environment will be built in Maya; using Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Quixel Mixer for texturing.

· The animation software will depend on the method we decide on, being motion capture or keyframe.


· Our first Option is Muriel Seiquer. Se has modeled for Balenciaga (in campaigns and runway), amongst other internationally recognised brands. link


· It will have a futuristic character, without going too far from current fashion, taking films like Akira and Ghost in the Shell as reference.

· The clothes will have a protective, survival quality. These are pieces that will be necessary in urban environments with atmospheres that have turned harfmful for human´s eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

· It will be composed of small, independent brands: Greg Ross (US), Mowalola (UK), Emeerree (ES)

· Both Greg Ross and Emeerree often craft their garments using repurposed vintage pieces, fitting a DIY, end of the world vision for products. In the future, where production has passed the breaking point for what the environment is capable of enduring, It would make sense to work with whats already available, rather than creating more items.

· She will wear a pair of current Airpods Pro (2022) to connect her with the present moment. Could be either because, although it is situated in a future, she´s still using old technology; or because headphones' design hasn´t evolved that much.



· References for color, intensity, direction, and position of lights in the scene.


Liminal space. A passing zone, undefined, could be anywhere, anytime. Vague enough, but very stylized. Should have an open zone, connecting with the exterior. A corridor - plaza hybrid, channel for human traffic and meeting. Probably during the day or sunrise, you should be able to see the exterior a bit

· It will be accesible through stairs at the entrance (taking the evolution of the action in the video as reference), and the exit will be flat.

· Will be based in the tunnel shown in the video below, the entrance to the Hakone Open Air museum in Japan.:

· The tunnel will have an open space at the entrance and the exit, as well as on the top sides. The exterior will be visible from inside the tunnel through the entrance/ exit, and the top openings will allow sunlight to partially light the walls.

· The tunnel will be entered through a set of stairs, and will end in a wide, open exit.

· The space will have a futuristic feeling, but that also could exist in current times. It will take the Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki as main reference, since it´s aperfect example of contemporary architecture merged with ancient ways of constructions, almost as if an UFO landed on Stonehenge

· There will be an emphasis on the texturing of the space. We will able to see the patterns that the concrete forms, as well as the brick patterns in the floor, There will be a combination of different pattern flows and materials, some more raw than others.

· The floor will be composed of cobblestones, and the walls and ceiling will be made of concrete, each with a differnet hue and polish.

· Below are lighting references. It will have big halogen lights on the top, and maybe some secondary signaling.

· The light will be cold (closer to bue than yellow), industrial, and moderately bright


· The main lights will be long, horizontal LED lights. They will have a protective metal cage around them, and will be hanging from the ceiling, or inserted in it

· The tunnel will have detailing consisting of cables, pipes, panels, ect.

· There will be light insertions in the concrete, which will serve as signs for location and navigation in the space

· Lighting ideas for the reactive floor at the ending

· The concrete on the floor could be wet to hightlight the surface details, common cinematographic recourse

· There will be security cameras in the space, distributed across the tunnel. One, or a few, will have a protective cage


Three models, shown below, from left to right:
· A delivery drone, based on the Matternet 20:1 waiver
· A drone with a frontal camera, based on the DJI Inspire 3. The camera will be replaced by a multi sensor security camera (based on the 3XLogic Visix 20MP).
· An anti-pollution drone, based on the Botlink Octocopter.
· Alternatively, there will be a caged version of the delivery drone.

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