WHAT: a short film (0.40min - 1 min or so), done in CGI, with 3D scanned movement and models.

Starting from an idea I found making my last project: "We sought an intersection between a scientific replica and a stylized, science fiction creature, reaching a point where reality meets fiction". Speculative, science fiction story showcasing an encounter with the new configurations that will appear in urban spaces in an immediate future. In a future where delivery and business has the priority in public spaces, model reclaims her right to make use of her home city (WIP)

- Put together a video montage for the action
- For the proposal, we will show blocking (in UE5), concept art, styling, team, casting, storyboard if needed
- Put references to anchor idea. THX 1148
- Describe environment with specific details

It will be registered in the copyright office in Madrid, defining each person´s role in the creation of the video.

Income possibilities:
- Models, clothes, scans, etc. Could be posted in online platforms that sell 3D elements to be used by 3rd parties. Each item would generate a passive income to everyone involved in its creation.
- maybe short film festivals, or could be used as a pilot film for future commercial projects
- Grants given by Epic to projects made with Unreal Engine, the software I will most likely use for this video. We could expand the project and get the grants. Project would need to be as safe and not aggresive as can be for this, since the company won´t sponsor suff that´s too edgy or problematic



David Guerrero - Director, 3D artist
Lucía Lomas - Styling, casting, cosulting
Ángel Palomeque - Storyboard
María Fominaya -Concept art
Aaron Moreno - Consulting, clothing pattern
Mocap + Animation - Raised by Wolves (not final)
- Sarah Maigrot (could be a cheaper option to hire a freelance to do keyframe animation)

Damaris Zielke


1st option Muriel

The most practical option would be the use of Metahuman, which is free and gives you the option of animating the model and use motion capture for the face:


Would add AirPods to connect it with the present. Like the first car people use is prob 20 years old
Second option from the right would be best for me.


Character details:


Good vid I found on instagram that serves well as base:

To have an idea of the quality we´ll have, these video were done all in CG, using 3D scans and motion capture (although I would like to try other alternatives that might work too). Obviously hey are big productions, at 100s of thousands of euros to produce + bakced by big studios. Ours will much much be smaller in scale, but will try to get the quality as close as I can:

This one done by a smaller crew. Again, ours will be even smaller:


Liminal space. A passing zone, undefined, could be anywhere, anytime. Vague enough, but very stylized. Should have an open zone, connecting with the exterior. A corridor - plaza hybrid, channel for human traffic and meeting. Probably during the day or sunrise, you should be able to see the exterior a bit

Environment light placement




Concrete could be wet, frequent cinematrography approach to urban



Three models: One with a camera attached, based on the DJI Inspire 3; A delivery drone; and an anti pollution drone. Maybe also one of these models with a cage