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· This page describes the concept and planning for a short film (between around 1 minute to 2 minutes), using CG animation.

· It will be a speculative, science fiction story showcasing an encounter with the new conflicts that will arise in cities in an immediate future. Starting from an idea I developed while making my last project: "We sought an intersection between a scientific replica and a stylized, science fiction creature, reaching a point where reality meets fiction".

· As of now we have two options for the animation of the protagonist: Motion capture or traditional 3D animation. It will involve proffesional actors in either approach, only differing in the workflow.


Director, CG Artist - David Guerrero

Casting, styling, consulting - Lucía Lomas

Soundtrack - Louis Carnell

Storyboard - Ángel Palomeque

Concept art - María Fominaya

Consulting, clothing pattern - Aaron Moreno

Animation- Undetermined


·The video will follow an unnamed girl through a city underpass, encountering hostile agents as she makes her way.

· The video will portray this speculative evolution of society through the daily life of an anonymous girl, going about her day in an unnamed city. It is based in a concept introduced by the Spanish Miguel de Unamuno, the intrahistoria, which is a form of understanding history through the small histories of anonymous people, rather than by focusing on major events. By having a common urban experience (going trhough an underpass to reach subway, to come back home after the club, to go to work...) happen in a sci-fi version of our world, it makes the sory more grounded and emotionally relatable to the viewer.


· The short will have a mildly dystopian character.

· For the cinematography, it will follow a filmic, grounded camera treatment with static or slow camera movements. The editing will be linear, maintaining the progression of the character through the scene.

· The soundtrack will be composed by Louis Carnell (previously working under the name Visionist), London-Based musician whose style connects deeply with the ambience of this short. His records have an ethereal, emotionally heavy quality, using both electronic and classic tools.

· The starting point for the short were the CG episodes of Love Death + Robots, proving that independent animation is more than ready to create adult, complex experiences. The third pillar would be the production design of "Children of Men" (Alfonso Cuarón, 2006); wich hosted a 2027 version of London. Rather than showing otherwordly looking structures and technology, the film shows a partially updated London, with futuristic elements coexisting with historical and current ones. It makes that science fiction London it more connected to the world we already know, offering a plausible, organic evolution of the city we are familiar with.

· References for color, intensity, direction, and position of lights in the scene.

· Concept art images from Dune (2021), Alien and Industrial Light and Magic will also be a relevant point of reference


· Our first Option is Muriel Seiquer. Se has modeled for Balenciaga (in campaigns and runway), amongst other internationally recognised brands. link


· It will have a futuristic character, without going too far from current fashion, taking films like Akira and Ghost in the Shell as reference.

· The clothes will have a protective, survival quality. These are pieces that will be necessary in urban environments with atmospheres that have turned harfmful for human´s eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

· It will be composed of pieces from Greg Ross (US), Mowalola (UK), Emeerree (ES)

· She will wear a pair of current Airpods Pro (2022) to connect her with the present moment. Could be either because, although it is situated in a future, she´s still using old technology; or because headphones' design hasn´t evolved that much.


Liminal space. A passing zone, undefined, could be anywhere, anytime. Vague enough, but very stylized. Should have an open zone, connecting with the exterior. A corridor - plaza hybrid, channel for human traffic and meeting. Probably during the day or sunrise, you should be able to see the exterior a bit

· Will be based in the tunnel shown in the video below, the entrance to the Hakone Open Air museum in Japan.:

· The space will have a futuristic feeling, but that also could exist in current times. It will take the Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki as main reference, since it´s aperfect example of contemporary architecture merged with ancient ways of constructions, almost as if an UFO landed on Stonehenge

· There will be an emphasis on the texturing of the space. We will able to see the patterns that the concrete forms, as well as the brick patterns in the floor, There will be a combination of different pattern flows and materials, some more raw than others.

· It will have big halogen lights on the top, and maybe some secondary signaling.

· The light will be cold (closer to bue than yellow), industrial, and moderately bright

· The walls will have graffiti tags painted over them. The tags will be taken from in-site photographies in Madrid and its surroundings.

· There will be light insertions in the concrete, which will serve as signs for location and navigation in the space

· The tunnel will have detailing consisting of cables, pipes, panels, ect.

· There will be security cameras in the space, distributed across the underpass.

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