Client: Tsunaina
Year completed: 2023
Role: Photogrammetry cleanup
Type: Music video
Area: Music
Location: London (UK)

"Tenderer" was nominated for a ukvma in the category of "Best Video, Newcomer" at ukvmas 2023

Featuring 3D work created with David Guerrero, multidisciplinary artist, producer and singer-songwriter Tsunaina reveals the self-directed music video for her latest release Tenderer. Co-directed by Jake Jelicich and Justin Ridler, the video navigates a digital world in which the British-Nepali artist is seen suspended in animation.

Against Tenderer’s ambient layers and soaring vocals, the project approaches the theme of reconstruction as Tsunaina finds herself being pieced back together from her embryonic form. The result of complex digital experimentation, the video relied upon 3D body scans undertaken with FBFX Digital and extensive work in Houdini, continuing the track’s exploration of rebirth as Tsunaina’s digital form splits into infinite tendrils.

Conceived in response to a need to rebuild herself after playing a living canvas during her time in the fashion industry, Tsuanaina explains “I felt that no matter how much I tried to mould myself, to build armour and adapt to the world, I was always left feeling raw, ill-fitted to reality,” she explains. “Slowly, I began a process of sinking into being tender; if I am soft-shaped then I can rebuild myself whole, again and again.”

*Text extracted from Tenderer´s feature in Nowness


Direction: Tsunaina

Co-Direction: Justin Ridler, Jake Jelicich

Lighting, animation, rendering, camera, layout: Justin Rider

Photogrammetry cleanup: David Guerrero

Concept by Tsunaina